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Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Personal Assistant

Updated: Jun 25

You’re an entrepreneur. You’re a busy, vision-focused, results-oriented person who loves the big picture but dislikes the details. You need someone in your life to calm down the hectic schedule of your life by organizing, scheduling, and worrying over all the little details you don’t want to think about. If that’s you, what you need is a personal assistant.

 So, what can a personal assistant do that will make your life better?

  1. Manage your schedule: Do you dread opening up your calendar? Are you sick of trying to find times for all the different meetings you need to attend? Your personal assistant can manage all the details of scheduling meetings, booking locations, and accounting for travel and time zones, so all you need to do is show up. 

  2. Handle your travel details for you: Do you have a conference or a speaking engagement? Your personal assistant can book your flights with your favorite airline, arrange transportation in a vehicle that matches your style, and find you a hotel with all the amenities you’re looking for. Do you want an itinerary with some fun things to do around town while you’re there? They can provide that, too! 

  3. Implement the things you dream up: Need someone who cares about details and can run with your ideas? Personal assistants are the type to care about the little things, so you can have a trusted team member who can turn your vision into a step-by-step plan, and actually make it happen. 

  4. Throw your events: Do you have to plan a business event that’s stressing you out? Your personal assistant can find the best venue, give you catering options, plan the music, and send out gorgeous invites to all your guests, so all you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself!

  5. Run errands that keep you too busy to focus on the things you really want to do:  Do you need to run your dog to the vet and pick up the dry cleaning, but you have a massive client deal that’s going through? Your personal assistant can do all the little and boring odd jobs that take up your time, letting you focus on the things you really want to do. 

  6. Organize the clutter: All the inefficient systems in your home or work keep your life from being as optimized as it can be, wasting your valuable time. A personal assistant who organizes and tidies regularly keeps your massive clothing pile, your stacks of files, and your 10,000 unread emails from slowing you down and causing you stress.

  7. Manage household contractors: When you need someone to landscape your garden or come fix your roof, you don’t need to stress over Yelp reviews or try to fit their arrival time into your busy schedule. Your personal assistant can compare reviews, vet potential contractors, and find the best person to fit your needs. They can stay in your house during their arrival window, so you don't need to leave work at 2 p.m. to let in your electrician. Best of all, E is Key hires people who have roots in the Lancaster area, so they have connections to some of the best local businesses and service providers. 

So if taking back your free time and freeing your life from clutter and chaos sounds like a good deal to you, consider hiring a personal assistant. Take your hectic entrepreneurial lifestyle and calm it down a touch with someone who takes care of all the little things for you, so you can deal with the things that actually matter to you: crushing it at your business, spending time with your family, and enjoying some well-deserved rest. 


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