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Dig in to some of our favorite stories that reveal the true transformation that a lifestyle manager can make.

Every life and situation is unique, but the feeling of freedom is the same over and over again


Who has time to move to a new home? Michael didn't. Here's how we helped Michael came to E is Key just before moving and transitioning into a new home. Working in the medical field, Michael was swamped and drowning in schedule commitments - late for some while entirely missing others. While at times living out of his suitcase, not only would laundry build up but there were many needs that came along with his new household. E is Key was able to manage his household while he was away, stay on top of vehicle maintenance appts, organize and help furnish his new home. Overseeing cleaners, dog walkers, and contractors doing work around the home as well as managing expense reports and helping pay bills were other areas ..... Michael was able to have peace of mind knowing he wouldn't be overbooked and given frequent reminders and detailed itineraries.

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How does a busy mom and business owner find breathing room? Morgan found the secret Morgan started working with E is Key needing support with quality control of her household. Being a business owner as well as a Mom, the execution of running various errands while Morgan was able to run her business and not have to leave the office was huge for Morgan's time efficiency and productivity. E is Key was started running various errands for Morgan while maintaining needs of the household including laundry maintenance, acting as a liaison for contractors on household projects, taking the dogs to the groomers, helping prepare for dinner parties as well as set up family trip itineraries. With E is Key, Morgan was able to do the things she loved including running and expanding her business with more peace of mind, host guests and dinner parties and go on family trips.


Is a work/life balance possible with a new business and vital family connections? Joseph says "Yes!" Joseph contacted E is Key seeking support with a quickly growing newly launched business and a family seeking more monthly structure and support with setting priorities. E is Key worked to schedule check-ins and implement systems and to ensure Joseph was moving the needle along in his personal and professional arenas. E is Key came alongside Joe and his family to set up a better work/life balance by scheduling contractor appts, setting up travel itineraries, helping stay on top of monthly bills, managing and maintaining his schedule by helping set priorities and extending support with health goals. In working with E is Key, Joseph was able to have peace of mind with his strategically set up schedule to allow ease in the day to day and ultimately hit his personal and professional goals.


Focus on what you love and want to be doing, not the details that get in the way. Just like David David is a professional athlete who travels frequently for competitions. He came to E is Key because he needed help managing his travel arrangements and navigating the logistics of his busy schedule. We assigned a dedicated Lifestyle Manager to work for David who helped him book flights, hotels, and transportation. With careful thought and attention to detail, his assistant also helped David manage his training schedule and arrange for any necessary equipment or gear. With the help of his Lifestyle Manager, David was able to focus on his training and competitions without worrying about the logistics of his travel. He felt more organized and in control of his schedule, which helped him perform at his best.

The single-parent life is overwhelming enough without worrying about the day-to-day details Margie is a busy working single mom with three children. She came to E is Key because she needed help managing her family's schedule and running errands. E is Key assigned a dedicated Manager to Margie who helped her manage her family's schedule, arrange for childcare, and handle grocery shopping and other errands. With the help of her Lifestyle Manager, Margie was able to juggle her work and family responsibilities more effectively. She felt less stressed and more present with her children, which helped her family bond and thrive.

Now it's Your turn.

What will your story be? 

Schedule a consultation to discover the difference an E is Key manager can make in your life. 

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