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How a Personal Assistant Can Simplify Your Life

Two lines, the top one is complicated and twisted, while the second is straight.

The goal of lifestyle management is simplification—your life is stressful and hectic, and you want your personal assistant to make your life that little bit simpler, so you can focus on the things that really matter. So, in what ways can a personal assistant really simplify your life? 

#1: Weekly Forecasting - Every week, you sit down with your personal assistant and forecast your week. What needs are you anticipating? What events will keep you busy? What things absolutely need to get done? Your personal assistant can act as your second brain, sorting things in order of priority, determining what things they can do for you, what things you can delegate to others, and what things you need to do yourself. All of the things that were clouding your brain now have a place and a structure, taking away that busy “hum” and replacing it with a calm list of orderly to-do’s. 

#2: Schedule/Action Item Management Beyond your weekly check-ins, your personal assistant continues to manage both your schedule and your action items. They can take calls, book meetings, reschedule any conflicts, and handle meeting setup. For your action items, they can keep you accountable to do the things you’ve been meaning to do, keeping your brain de-cluttered and making sure that you don’t forget those tasks you’ve been meaning to get around to. When handling all these factors, your personal assistant can structure your schedule to focus on the tasks most suited to your wiring, alleviating all the unnecessary stress in your day-to-day.

#3: Delegation: High-energy, visionary types can struggle to delegate. They might see everything as important, or feel the need to do everything by themselves. Your personal assistant, on the other hand, is the type of organized, structured person who can point out all the unnecessary pressures you’ve been putting on yourself, and can either encourage you to delegate (in the case of a work task) or take on the task themselves (in case of a home task). Either way, with those little “drainers” taken, the hectic pace of your life becomes that much slower. 

#4: System Creation - Sometimes, all you need in your life is a system—from a flowchart, a checklist, a re-organized closet, to a new method of re-ordering your groceries. Life becomes busy when it’s disorganized, and your personal assistant can be the one to set up systems for all the hectic corners of your life. With systems in place, you no longer have to run around putting out unnecessary fires. 

From new systems to a delegated workflow to new schedule management, your experience with your new personal assistant should be one that slows down your life, allowing you to take a step back and breathe for the first time in a while.

Does a simpler life sound good to you? Reach out to us to hear more about how our lifestyle management can get you there! 


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