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Unlock More of Your Life.

Reclaim your time. Achieve your goals. Enjoy your passions.


Have you forgotten what it's like to sit and breathe?

Every day feels like a marathon - all the errands, to-do's and daily demands. Those essential tasks that just need to be done.

Preventing you from doing the things you love most.

But you don't have time to do them.

Breathe. Help is here. 

A dedicated lifestyle manager with a focus on excellence is the key to get it all done so you can stay on top of every little thing. 


Which ultimately means more living, less doing.

E is Key Lifestyle Management delivers world-class support to leaders and high-achievers so they can fully live at the peak of their pursuits without sacrificing the quality of their home life.
By freeing valuable real estate in your mind and calendar, we allow you to reclaim the freedom to engage in high-value work that brings you energy and fulfillment.

Happy Hour

Stop working after your work day

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Redefine family time 

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Get your dreams off the back burner

"I can't overstate the difference that E is Key has made. Emily has a superpower that anticipates what I need before I even realize it. She seamlessly integrates into the parts of the day where I need her the most. I feel like I've gotten my sanity back."

Rhonda, Business Owner


What's standing between you and the life you're missing?

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Household Management


Small Events



Travel Arrangements

Pickup & Deliveries


Special Projects

Meet Emily

Emily Newhook is the CEO & Lead Lifestyle Manager of E is Key. With her unique background and personal passion for helping others succeed, she's ready to hear your story and start your free consultation.

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We've got you.

We understand. Your life moves quickly.

You have a routine – even with the things you wish you didn't have to do. 

"I can't even imagine trying to integrate a new person into my daily life. It feels overwhelming on top of everything else!"

We hear you. We've been there. So we even help make the onboarding and integration seamless and easy.

"Emily manages my schedule, household, and life with a calming presence and an effortless efficiency. She knows how to get things done without stress or fuss, just clear intent and execution. Highly recommended!"

Michael, Medical Professional

What will you do with the time you get back?

from overwhelmed peace of mind.

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Transform Your "Overwhelm"
into "Peace of mind"

Discover the difference a Lifestyle Manager can make.
Schedule a discovery session today.

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