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Emily Newhook

CEO & Lead Lifestyle Manager

The spark that started it all...

One day during a trip to the Ritz Carlton Philadelphia, the spark for E Is Key was ignited. 

Then-student Emily was visiting during an educational trip with her entrepreneurship program.

When she walked into the main gathering room for the day, a gift bag had been placed at each place setting with each student’s name carefully printed on each bag. The bags were filled with each student’s favorite foods which had been requested by the program's leader earlier in the year.


That gesture, among many others that day, evoked an immense feeling of “Welcome! We’ve been expecting you. We want to ensure you’re taken care of while in our care.”


The level of excellence, thoughtfulness and intentionality that day articulated Emily's innate sense of hospitality, and sparked the dream and vision for E is Key Lifestyle Management.


~ ~ ~


With a unique and keen ability to sense and meet needs and a desire to serve people so they can achieve their highest potential, Emily has infused her principles and work ethic into every piece of E is Key. 

Her aim is that the services provided fit seamlessly, effortlessly and thoughtfully into your every day based on your individual needs, routine and goals.


Emily has had the privilege of serving time-crunched high achievers by creating a better work/life balance and allowing a focus on the things that matter most in their lives. 


Whether that be more time with your family, an extra hour that day to get in a workout at the gym, continuing to chip away at that business plan you’ve been bringing to life or simply just not working when you come home from work, Emily & her team are here to see it through…with you.


By freeing valuable real estate in your mind and calendar, we allow you to reclaim the freedom to engage in high-value work that brings you energy and fulfillment.


Our desire is to deliver world-class support to leaders and high-achievers, so they can fully live at the peak of their pursuits without sacrificing the quality of their home life.






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