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"E is Key worked with me on several projects. I appreciate her attention to detail, asking questions I had not thought of, and filling in the blanks with what was necessary to complete the project from inception to fruition! Very grateful for her assistance and follow-through!"

Paget R.

Business Owner

"Emily has been nothing short of amazing in our time together. She has been super responsive which is critical in a busy atmosphere. She’s eager to learn and produce results for me. Emily has helped me build my brand and business all while saving me time. 10/10 recommend."

 Sayre L.

Real Estate Agent

Image by Ameen Fahmy

"Emily is absolutely incredible, anything I entrust to her care gets done with utmost quality, precision, and timeliness. She’s always coming to me with solutions and has optimism when approaching new tasks, she’s an incredibly fast learner, and the definition of professional. I recommend her to anyone I come across in need of an assistant!" 

Sarah S.

Lawyer & Business Owner

"Emily manages my schedule, household, and life with a calming presence and an effortless efficiency. She knows how to get things done without stress or fuss, just clear intent and execution. Highly recommended!"

Michael F.

Medical Professional

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